Saturday, January 12, 2008

Communication in Marriage

Last night some married couples from our church began a six-week course of study on communication in marriage. First of all, thanks to Jason Jarrett for organizing and moderating last night's session. It is so nice to be around fellow Christians who reaffirm the fact that it is not just your marriage that has these problems. I love the Lord for the gift he has given me in my wife and in my children and I have no desire to do anything more than to lead my family spiritually. I wish I had had that goal from the beginning of my marriage with Joy. I have to say that this whole communication thing is difficult because I try to help very troubled, despondent, and sad individuals daily at work whose stories and situations make you just want to cry. I do not feel it would be appropriate to burden my wife with these stories or how sad I feel for many of these people so I rarely talk to my wife about my job. She knows that I feel this way and I think she respects that. On the other hand, my wife likes to tell me about her day most days and it makes me feel good when she does because it reaffirms our trust in one another to me. It's the days when she doesn't tell me about her day that worry me. I'm like "what did I do, are you mad?" Being married is great and I love my wife but communication is so hard. I hope that all who are reading this will take a close look at the communication in your marriage and try and improve any holes or barriers that you see in the communication with your spouse.
God Bless

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