Thursday, January 10, 2008


Alright, I received the infamous viral/urban legend e-mail today that takes untrue facts and strings them together to make them all add to 11, then inaccurately quotes the quaran (that's right, I did not capitalize it), and then, in what I must admit is a really cool manipulation of Microsoft Word has you enter NY Q33 into a word document, increase the font to 48 and then change the font to webdings 1 causing a very creepy picture. It was neat and I did forward it to several friends (take that). I could go off on how easy it is to manipulate facts and scripture to say what we want it to say but I have a paper to write and I am going to stay off my soapbox.
That being said, fact is always scarier than fiction. So check these pictures of actual ads out that were published years ago. Talk about foreshadowing.

To see the full size images check out Copyranter.

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