Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pilgrim's Map of the Day

Here are today's links for today that I thought were worth sharing.

Here is a great link to The Christian Chronicle and thier finding on the traits of a growing church. Also, click your state on the map to see how the church is growing (or shrinking) where you live.

I didn't grow up with an older brother but I have two sons who are 16 months apart in age. For some reason this video made me think of them.

Big Brothers Suck - Watch more free videos

I found two excellent posts as I read the Kingdom Living Blog's best of for 2007.
The first discusses the fact that the Church of Christ seems to refuse to discuss the Holy Spirit and his thoughts on why.
The second is a neat look at 10 rationalizations out of discipleship that are prevelant today.

God Bless you all.

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Matt said...

Thanks for the link and recommendation! I grew up just an hour or so up the road from Hamilton in Tuscumbia. God bless,