Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Something became obvious to me last night...

Last night at the Bible Bowl in Vernon, AL I realized something that I wish I had known before. You see, Vernon Church of Christ has the most beautiful acoustics in it and I could not wait to get up and lead a song with the congregation while the kids were back taking their test. My choice was Teach me Lord (Teach me lord to wait, down on my knees...) and I thought that it would be beautiful. I soon realized that myself and about two other people were the only ones singing and to make matters worse, for some reason the song in the book was on two seperate pages, that's right, you had to turn the page to see the rest of the song and then turn back at the start of the second verse. So, what did I learn from this you ask. I learned that if and when you have an opportunity to lead singing in a church where the average age of people is around 55, you had better lead a song that was writted PRIOR to 1965. I love soloists and I love singing, but it is much easier when you are expecting to sing solo. Thank you to my friend Matt Thigpen, the preacher at Sulligent Church of Christ who was there for trying to help me out.

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