Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pilgrim's Map of the Day

I hope that you are all having a good Saturday and know that your own pilgrim's map should lead you all to church tomorrow.

* First of all, if you are interested in theories of personality and life-span development jump into the post where I posted my latest paper on Erik Erickson and comment on the conversation that Eric and myself have engaged in. It's good stuff.

* Secondly, I was researching my presidential candidates yesterday and looked at Obama's church website that he claims membership in. I am making no statement about Obama but I must ask you all if the Bible ever approves making your worship to him specific for only one race or country? Read their mission statement.

* If you have not seen them, take a look at the pictures left in the destruction of the tornadoes on 01/10.

* Take the time to read this article from USA Today regarding Christians in America and leave your comments and solutions in the comment section.

* "Why don't you have musical instruments in the Church of Christ?" Who hasn't heard that question. The truth is that we do have musical instruments. It is the human voice. If you enjoy a capella singing take the time to read the two articles from Scientific American listed on the science of how God made this instrument to work. God is great.
First article
Second article (with sound clips)

* In really creepy news, read this article about a movement in England to declassify the Church of England as the official church of that nation. READ THE NUMBER OF THE BILL.

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