Monday, January 07, 2008

So it begins

I have been avoiding making a blog for a long, long time now but for some reason I feel compelled to begin one now, at the busiest part of my life. Go figure. What I hope to accomplish with this is to share my thougths and life with others in an honest hope that I may have something to say that can either brighten someone's day, encourage them to try and live a better life, or cause them to seek spiritual guidance from the one true God in Heaven.
I hope to add to this blog often and try and provide my own insights. One thing I have planned to do is to read through the Bible and post my own thoughts and questions that I encounter from my own readings. I also aim to share the joy that I have in my life due to my lovely wife Joy and our two wonderful sons Ethan and Luke as well as the beautiful relationships we have with our church family and friends. I hope that you will check back often and find enjoyment in this effort.

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