Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are we obligated to hear outside viewpoints of the Bible?

I am writing this because I am very confused and disturbed over a conversation I had today. I was told today that a Church of Christ in my region has allowed an openly gay male who is married and cohabitating with another man to come into their church and teach a class on the gay lifestyle so that the people who are interested may "better understand" this lifestyle. WHAT???? Read it again, take it in. To make matters worse, when I voiced my disapproval over this matter and stated that this is wrong, I was painted as the bad guy. WHAT??? I was told that we, as Christians are OBLIGATED to learn about such matters. I have no idea in the Bible where we are obligated to learn about such lifestyles. I know that all sins are the same and that we are to try and avoid them all and help one another but we are specificalyl instructed in the Bible to remove people who continue to live in sin from our numbers. I did not ask if they were paying this gentleman with the church money to come and speak but I have a sneaking suspicion that they are.

Am I being close minded? I told this person that I would have gotten up and left, addressed my concern with the elders, and then approach this individual personally and try to show them the path of destruction they are walking down, as all of us are who knowlingly and intentionally live in sin. I am truly concerned over this church and I pray that they will realize their sin and stop this series of lectures. We are to go to the world and teach them, not bring them into the church and allow them to teach us.

I hope that I am wrong about this and I am jumping to a conclusion. The law is made for sodomites (1 Timothy 1:9-11); not for them to teach, but for us to teach to them and bring them to being whole. I pray that this church will not become what we are warned against in 2 Peter 2. Please leave your comments and strategies to help this church.

God Bless

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