Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lesson Learned

How wonderful is our God!!! Just when you find yourself at low points in your life, he allows you to hear something that moves the Holy Spirit within you to discover a detail of life that you may have overlooked before that time. This occurred to me last night and as I think about it this is the second time in this short year that I have had to be reminded of the same lesson. This time with more clarity.
As a man who God has given certain talents and abilities to, I am often asked to lead certain areas of our congregation in worship activities. While I may be better at some than others, I often attempt to throw my hand up to help when needed. This includes activities outside and inside the church building and are moments that I truly relish in as an adult. Many times this leads to me not be able to just sit and worship with my family unless I specifically request to be able to do so. Allow me to add that when those requests are made, there are many men, young and old, who gladly step up and either add to their duties or take those I may wish to abandon at that time so that I may worship with my family. I attempt to extend the same grace as well.
Sadly, as is my human nature though, there are times when I may come to resent being only one of a few who actually do "step up" when a need that I see is had. Many of you who read this know what I am talking about. These are the thoughts of: "why does he never lead singing," or "I wish they would ask so-and-so to help with the Lord's Supper," or "look, he just sits there when it is so obvious that something is needed." I struggle at times to fight off a begrudging spirit and simply do what is needed and I God often convicts my heart to remember that it is an honor to lead children of God in worship to their Father.
At other times, I have led my willingness to take a role of leadership to lead to piety in my life in which I gain a false sense of security that since I am a worship leader, then I must be a better Christian than so-and-so. I have found that this often leads to embarrassment or even worse, putting a focus on self rather than Christ. Thank God that His word points me to Paul's letter to the Galatians that reminds me that if I am going to take that attitude, then I better follow every letter of the law perfectly from that point forward (listen carefully to Paul's letter to the Galatians my Church of Christ brethren - post upcoming). Christ then convicts me to remember it is only by His grace that I am even allowed to be in that church, at that time, and with that talent. "IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU DAVID!" I hear from His word.
Last night, as I was listening to the devotional delivered by one of the elders of our church, I learned a powerful lesson. The speaker was reflecting on a lesson heard at the Challenge Youth Conference two weekends ago. He took his inspiration from the lessons on Nehemiah's wall and led to a discussion about the walls that make up a house. He discussed that some walls are load bearing, and others are simply there to separate rooms. It was quite a good devotional and spurned me to think on the way home last night about my own life. I began asking myself in my own church, which kind of wall was I? I still don't have the answer to that question but I did have this thought that I want to share.
Each member of each church has a role. I began thinking about the people in my church who I don't see taking an effort to lead others and how I often think myself as better or harder working than them. For that, allow me to repent right now. I am wrong for that! I realized last night that I don't go and visit every member when they are sick, but someone in that church always manages to go. I don't always get around to speaking a kind word to each person who comes in the doors, but someone in the church always manages to. I don't always make sure the power is cut off, the contribution is counted, the doors are locked, the grass is cut, or that a hug is given when needed, but someone does. These are the people who make up the heart of our church. These are the people who always manage to tell me they love me when I may forget to tell them. These are the truly important people. These people bear as many burdens as the worship leaders and they have nothing to do with getting the power point presentation set up correctly.
Each person in the church is an important piece and they all make up what Scripture tells us is the Body of Christ. I will try harder to remember to thank each one of them for what they do and what they mean for the mission that we as a church have.

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