Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are Any of Us "Right"

The following is a response to a gentleman who recently attempted to berate the Church of Christ as proclaiming that they are the only worshippers of God who are going to Heaven. I would love to get some feedback (ammo, lol) in order to further help this man to see that our differences make us more in need of the same Savior.

Charles, you are correct. There are many people these days who worship in the Church of Christ who when approached by someone who challenges their beliefs are unable to defend their faith and choose to say "you are right, no one is wrong." This however does not make you or any other false indoctrination correct but rather points to an obvious and sad failure of the church to successfully and fervently feed their sheep. In the recent history of the Church of Christ there has been a slow yet momentus shift away from true gospel teaching all done in the name of "relevance" and political correctness. Sadly, this is not just a Church of Christ problem and I am sure if you were honest with us you could report a large number in your own congregation who are ignorant when it comes to doctrinal issues. That is not an insult by the way but rather a sad state of the union if you will.
The Church of Christ has gotten away from preaching true gospel teaching in many sections of the world and spends FAR too much time teaching on issues such as instrumental music, why we are right and they are wrong, and many gimmicky lessons taught to grow numbers, not feed sheep. So, in a sense, you are correct.
That being said, you are talking to the wrong people and I may even guess preying on spiritually weak individuals. Should you approach me with your query listed as a question regarding the CofC being the only one's going to heaven I would simply point out to you with scripture why I think that the Church of Christ has it close to true regarding worship matters. Sadly, regarding doctrinal issues, the Church of Christ is lagging behind in teaching it's congregations at this time. I have good news though. There is a rumbling and we are aware that a return to the gospel is the only solution and the only way to squelch men such as yourself.
Here's the facts, we are all sinners in need of a savior (pick your scripture---). None of us can live by law or save ourselves (that includes worship style). Should we begin thinking that we can save ourselves simply by our worship style then we have done no better than the Galatians who thought because they circumcised themselves they had a more direct connection to Jesus. In conclusion, who is wrong? We all are. None of us are going to be able to stand before God and state that at every worship service we attended we did so in Spirit and truth (you cannot deny that). None of us are any less depraved than the other.
The truth regarding what a good or correct church is, is evident in what happens outside the church. That is not to say that the church that teaches people to live the best morally, to have the best marriage, to have the best work relationships, or to be most blessed financially has it right. If you want to know if you are part of a good church, ask yourself how many members leave the doors each Sunday prepared and ready to teach nothing more than Christ crucified to all the world by using God's word to convict and break hearts. I would challenge you to listen to the sermons, not songs, being taught at your church and listen for the true gospel message. Is it being taught? If not, are we brave enough to point it out? Is Jesus being properly extracted from every scripture? If not, find a church where that is happening. It's your duty.

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lisa-rie said...

If we follow the scriptures in the Bible, we cannot be wrong, right?

Heard a joke a long time ago

guy dies and goes to heaven. On his way to meet Jesus the guide takes him down a hallway. The first door was wide open. Folks laughing loud, drinking, dancing, and having a good time. She says those are the Catholics. Next door was cracked and they were sipping wine and mingling. She tells him those are the Baptists. The last door was closed and she quickly tells him to tiptoe past. "Those are the cofC. shh! They think they are the only ones here."

It truely is a common impression given by members who (probably more out of a sense of responsability) have been blount and bold when talking about why they worship there.

Is turning people away because of a lack of coothe just as bad? At the same time you cannot omit important facts to keep the peace.

Also some people get mad because you dont cater to what they WANT to hear. I LIKE instruments. I AM gay and I don't want to change. I am a woman and I have as much to say as a man and probably say it better.... all inconveniences, so "who do these cofC people think they are? I don't like anyone/thing that makes life uneasy for me."

It is important to defend the word and it must be done out of love and with coothe. The fact is God is the judge and we truly don't know someone else's fate and I am glad I don't have to. All people and congregations labeled Christians should do one thing. Read the Bible, follow what it tells you to do. Attend at the church that accomodates the doctrine you read, not accomodates the people attending the church. For me, that is the cofC.

I don't think that is offensive to anyone and I don't think I would have to elaborate anymore than that.
I could write forever on this, apparently. I am curious what others would say.