Friday, February 27, 2009

Live Blogging from CYC

Well, this trip started out with a spirit that I think will last the whole weekend. Dalton, one if the finest young men I know, was not able to ride with us due to a fever and nausea. I quickly got on the phone to try and reach someone else in this area who may have been willing to let Dalton ride with them tomorrow should he get well. Long story short, Ryan Gallagher, the youth minister at Hamilton has an extra seat that was offered to Dalton. I feel that this weekend will have a tone of learning to lean on fellow members if Christ's body in times of need.
Other than that, nothing much to report. This day has been dedicated to travel and we finally settled in to our chalet around 2:00am.
Jason led us in a wonderful devo tonight focusing on materialism and Christ's warning to "Watch Out" for love of things.
Tomorrow will be a fun sight seeing day and the lectures and praise begin tomorrow night. Please pray for us.

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