Monday, June 16, 2008

Blunder Dad

Luke lost his second tooth Friday night as he was trying to open a McDonald's toy with his teeth (NO, NO). As he said his prayers that night he asked God to take care of the Tooth Fairy and not let her get lost on the way to his house.

SPOILER ALERT: The tooth fairy is not real. Sorry to all of you who may still believe that but I have to say that before I go on.

The last thing Joy said to me that night was, "don't forget to put money under Luke's pillow." Well, the next thing I knew both of my sons were leering over me in my sleep scared to death because of the torrential down pour of rain outside. That's right, I fell asleep before I put money under his pillow and removed the tooth. I did not think about it when they woke me in the night but it was my first thought that morning and Joy made sure to make me feel even worse about it(thanks Joy) reminding me of Luke's sweet prayer. What was I to do?

I then remembered the fact that at some point during the night a huge rain came through. HA HA. I explained to Luke that maybe the tooth fairy could not make it because of the rain. To those of you who have seen Bee Movie, you will remember how hard it is for bees to fly in rain, I bet it's the same for the tooth fairy. He was very understanding and agreed with my assessment of the situation.

Do I feel guilty about this, NO, not at all. If you want to make me feel guilty you must first answer me one thing. Is it worse to stretch reality about there being this magical fairy who collects teeth (GROSS by the way) or to stretch reality about why this enamel loving nymph can not always make it on time?

Needless to say, the tooth fairy came Saturday night and paid up, with interest. I have already had thoughts about how glad I will be when all this tooth pulling business is over but ironically I was randomly reminded of how much longer we have to go. As we ate dinner last night with friends from church and some of our youth group this one girl who is 13 just out of the blue said she only had four more baby teeth to lose. 13!!!!!! and four to go.

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Leah said...

TOO funny! We haven't forgotten yet, but we've only lost 2 so far! 13...really, I didn't remember it taking that long! URGH!