Monday, June 23, 2008

Prayer of a Loving Son

This is a comment that was left in the comment section of my blog. Though I am not 100% sure I believe this is from the son of the elderly gentleman I have written so much about recently. These words are powerful and honor God for the great power that He is. I ask all of you who read this to please go to God in prayer and ask that he continue to comfort this family and the faithful Christian who was hurt in that horrible car accident. I can think of no greater thing you or I could do for these people. Read carefully:
A prayer borrowed and plagiarized from an unknown brother, but provided by The Spirit: Dear Heavenly Father, Who breathed life into existence:I come before You today stripped bare of all pretenses. I come before You a humble yet determined son who believes Your Words and bends to Your Will. And I also come to You in pain, caused by my dad's condition. Oh gracious, merciful Lord I continue to praise Your Name and ask for the courage to pass the hours without fear and doubt. Wonderful Father, submerge my dad in Your glory and drench him with Your Healing Power. Fill the hearts that read this Lord with the courage to change their lives. Lord, I ask that Your Grace insulate the hearts and minds of my mom and family from the searing pain of doubt and fear. I ask this in Your Holy Name. AMEN*from a loving son
Amen. Thank you Tim.
Tim, I am guessing this is you and I hope that you read this reply to your post. Thank you so much. Your mother and father have been like grandparents to me and parents to my parents. Your dad has served as a spiritual guide to my father and his influence in my life has hence been placed. I praise God for using your father and his accident to remind our congregation of the power of prayer. Although, we do not understand God's ways I know that angels are rejoicing over the renewal in faith your father's accident and the answering of prayer has caused in Mike, Lanice, Will, Jason, Joy, Reba, dad, mom, Jim, Pat, and myself to name only a few. You guys hang in there and God Bless you all.
I ask all who read this to acknowledge the fact that this family is reading the posts here. This is a wonderful avenue for you to leave your kind words, thoughts, and prayers through the comment section.

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Lynis Stringer said...

A beautiful prayer -- thank you.

May God lift all of you up through this time of uncertainty. We pray God gives you the strength and may your faith shine through all that comes your way. Although I've only known J.H. and Anita for the last six years. They have become a vital pillar and inspiration in my spiritual journey. They are truly disciples of Christ. They show compassion to so many and have done so much for others. They do not want recognition for this --they are just doing what Christ commands us all to do. Now that J.H. fights for his life -- I only want peace and happiness for him. I do not wish him an ending with pain and suffering. So may God's will be done. Of course I would love the opportunity to pick the secrets to his gardening and so many other things.

Love you very much,