Monday, November 09, 2009

Mind Controlled

I find it so disheartening to look around myself today and see the hatred and anger flowing from the mouth, pens, and keyboards of the Christian faith today. It seems not long ago I was posting a similar piece on how many of these same individuals or organizations were reacting to the death of Ted Kennedy. Yet, here we are again, not even three months later, and the same distasteful and putrid ideals and attitudes are creeping back out of these people's dark hearts. Most disturbing is the fact that this is being done in the name of Jesus Christ. Heresy abounds!

Over this past weekend our government here in the great United States of America voted to move forward with legislation that would overhaul the health care system in the United States. The reported motivation behind this is to make health care (access to doctors, medicine, and other assistance) affordable to all those in this country who do not currently have it or who have some form of health care that is inferior to their needs. As with all things, it is much more complicated than that of course, but on the surface, that is the idea. Supposedly we already have such a program in this country, but somehow this system has become messed up and for lack of a better word BROKE, both financially and structurally.

After months of debate, name-calling, and pandering by and to both Democrats and Republicans it now appears that this country is headed toward health care reform. Sadly, the American Christian landscape is filled with groups and individuals who fail to yield to the fact that it is God Himself in control of all things. Sadly, many of these people are willing to cast aside Christ in their lives in order to make their political views known or their displeasure with decisions heard. This is unfortunate to me because so many of these individuals continue to camoflauge themselves in their self-made cloaks of Christianity, giving those of us who truly see God's hand in all things a bad name as well as placing us in a dilemma of having to defend their selfish ambitions. By the way, no more will I be doing that for you, it is time you guys get it together and start relying on Christ.

What I believe is not being seen in this matter is the fact that for whatever reason(s), this country has found itself in a condition that makes it more reminiscent to Iraq than Camelot. Of course the reason given by so many is that this country has turned it's heart from God. I agree! However, at the same time I see that because of this, many today in our borders find themselves similar to the places in the world that we would consider to be God-forsaken. Trust me, in my travels to Israel I have visited places that we are told Biblically that God forsook. Even our worse off are peachy compared to those piles of stone. Yet, despite that our worse off are so well off, can you blame THEM for saying yes when a group walks up saying, "choose me, I will make this better for you. I will make it so your children can get medicine, I will help you find food, I will make your life better." I can't find fault in them for wanting this yet when I hear many of my Christian friends describe the people who voted to put these people in office I hear words like trash, ignorant, stupid, nigger, and worse. I see the groups of men gathered at the backs of churches I attend discussing political matters and feel obligated to turn the other way to avoid those conversations. I get the e-mails depicting these people as anything but children of the one true God in need of His mercy. You people wouldn't know mercy if it hit you in the face and that is why so many of you fail to fathom the fact that you are no better off in the eyes of God than any of these people. You, just as much as them, should be pleading for mercy. I, am pleading for mercy.

We now find ourselves at this crossroad. Seeing the inevitable, I know that many of you will now tuck your tails and run back to begin asking for donations to help you in your "great" Christian causes that are nothing more than thinly veiled political or socio-economic ambitions. Sadly, you will continue to step outside of ANY Biblical authority and bash the current leadership that God saw fit to put in command of the borders in which you reside. Sadly, you will push more and more of the Godless in this country away from the cross, unless they pay and decide to vote, errr, worship with you. Many of you already worship with the people this reform will affect in the most positive sense - would you sign your name to your opinion before handing it to them face-to-face? But ask yourself a question: how many times have you prayed for the people who are so in need of what this leadership is offering? How many times have you asked to God to use you to help provide for them? How many times have you stepped outside of your daily routine or your "JOB" of being a Christian to address the needs that will now be addressed? For the majority who read this, the answer would be few. Yet, you all find time to make funny pictures to e-mail, write books condemning people who are in such lowly states, or even worse, hold assemblies or gatherings in order to all get together and show just how strong you are. I see you as weak today though because while you are all piled together, there is no Christ there. You, just as the God-forsaken are, as you see them too, nothing. No Christ = no life.

Question: Can you possibly live a life for Christ without losing yours? You see, there are people in the world today literally dying for the Christian faith. There are people who if they proclaimed their faith in Christ publicly would be murdered. However, when I search my heart about why I would be against health care reform the only reasons I find to be against it are reasons that affect me and my own wants. I no longer have that right. Yes, can this legislation affect my children's future? Possibly, but I am not a prophet and scripture is silent on this matter. Therefore, in the name of Christ, I keep my mouth shut and look for how God is working in this matter.

In closing, I would like to make one point. In the job that I have one of the benefits is free health insurance for me. That does not include my wife or my three children. In order to insure them the cost is around $750 each month. I am not naive enough to believe that I work in the only company in America where an employee faces this similar financial concern and it is indeed a very painful one. The only way to have more money would be to work another job or for my wife to enter the workforce. This however would take me away from my children even more and should my wife enter the workforce there are "Christians" waiting to crucify her for that. So, let me get this straight: you don't want people in this country to have access to free or affordable health care but at the same time you would agree that in order for everyone to be able to more easily afford it they would have to do things that would put their Christian family at risk. I'm sorry, I can't understand you because you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. I suppose for many of you though, your political affiliations are worth more than the Christians in this country.

Here's my solution: my family and I will see God in everyday that the sun rises. We will look for Him in every problem or unrest that arises. We will trust Him to carry us through no matter what the political landscape looks like. We will pray to Him to not only care for us, but to care for all of his creations. We will honor Him through our agreement that He is the One in control. Should we happen upon some of these people who are so hurting that they would choose the administration they did, we will help them in any way we can, never offering our judgment or condemnation, but rather the gospel of Jesus Christ first and foremost. No letter, bulletin, speech, e-mail, or argument will ever trump or out do that. You have the right to not agree with individuals politically but are your feelings worth your not being in agreement with Christ?


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