Sunday, May 03, 2009

God in a Box

Why is it that in today's world of "anything goes" and "wide-gate" Christianity that we as Christians are afraid to say what God is? By that I mean, why is it that when we tell people in discussions that God has a certain characteristic or feels a certain way about something we are accused of "putting God in a box?" Are the scriptures themselves not God-breathed? Has God not revealed to us everything that we need to know through His scripture? When we talk about a jealous God we may get the response, "that's not my God," even when it is revealed in scripture. When we talk about a vengeful God we may get the response "that's not my God, even when He Himself has told us so. When we talk about a God who frowns upon homosexuality, we get the response "not my God," even though He has revealed so to us. What is your response (not what would you say, but what have you said in past similar situations)? Is it not time to stand up and tell people who make these comments that we serve different a different God from their god???? God put Himself in the box, we simply have to open it and show it to the world.

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