Friday, May 22, 2009

A Blown Opportunity

When the spotlight is upon us do we trust ourselves or God to lead us to the truth. One of the real challenges that Christians face today, and throughout history for that matter, is answering the question regarding what we believe about other religions and their access to the Heavenly Father. Of course, scripture teaches us that there is but ONE true God and ONE true savior. Why then, when asked by the world how we feel about other religions do we stammer and find ourselves unable to answer the question. Let us all trust in God and the knowledge promised us who dwell in HIs word in order to be prepared to give a proper response when asked such questions. This will prevent us from making the same mistake as T.D. Jakes recently did when he was given an opportuinty to declare the ONE true God. Listen to the following clip and see if you can hear his belief in the inclusionist agenda.

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