Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cultivating Young Hearts

So, what a nice surprise I received two days ago. My wife Joy informed me that she had been designing and is prepared to start a blog of her own. I always thought she looked at me as a bit of a rube for even having a blog but I guess I was actually influnicing her to do great things (please don't burst that bubble of mine). She is going to focus her blog on her quest to serve God through raising children as a Godly and holy mother. I know it will be great and useful to other Christian parents as she is smart, devoted, and deeply spiritual. Notice I didn't put funny (my wife is not funny even though she really thinks she is). I hope she will use it as an avenue to share the growth of our three sons and I look forward to reading it often.
So, please check it out by clicking this link to her first post that explains her reasoning behind the blog. I am adding a link to my blogroll on the right of this page. The address is

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