Monday, November 10, 2008

A Prayer to Share

I sent out an e-mail this morning to all my friends who I either know or feel pretty sure they have active prayer lives (if you got that e-mail this morning and I'm wrong then I don't know you as well as I thought; something's wrong with that). I was asking for their prayers for my wife and our yet unborn third son. Joy and I were pretty convinced that today was the day that the doc would take the baby as Joy has started having contractions and has felt the baby drop. Long story short though, no baby today. Joy and I are not very good OB-GYN's.

Many of the people I sent that e-mail to sent us well wishes and promises of prayers and we are more than grateful for each and everyone. Seriously, we love you guys and you all make up who we are. One reply stood out though. It was from my Aunt Wanda and it brought me to tears as I read it and I think it will touch you. This is a great model of a prayer for any family who is going through anything and I hope that you can remove the names and replace them with your own or others who you know need prayers. These words come from a woman who heard the gospel call and spent time in Africa as a missionary and whose husband gave his life doing the work of the Lord. I think that is why they mean so much to me. Enjoy:

“Lord, in the precious name of Jesus we lift Joy and Kip up to you now. You see Joy’s pain and the prelude to Kip’s birth, and you have them both held close to your heart at this time in their life’s journey. Father, we stand with her husband before you asking for intervention. Will you guard Joy and Kip as they move through the birth process and keep them safe. Will you touch Joy with your healing hand of Mercy and relieve her of the pain that she is enduring---give her rest, Lord---sweet and deep, as she prepares for Kip’s birth. Will you speak to Dave and show him ways to lighten her load and share her journey. Give Ethan and Luke a quiet spirit so that she is able to rest when she needs to. Will you enable them to get moved into this house with a minimum of distress and upheaval, experiencing the joy in the gift of a larger home.

We love you Lord, and we trust you. You loved Joy before Dave loved her, and you promise to hear his prayers on her behalf as her husband, joined to her in covenant relationship. Help both Joy and Dave to keep their eyes on Jesus, loving you with a true and faithful heart. Bring their friends around them at this time to meet their needs and increase their joy! Thank you, Lord for your love and mercy and your constant faithfulness to your children. Our eyes are on You.

Hallelujah! Our God reigns!!”

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