Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Just look for it

It is amazing to me how God will reveal Himself to us if we just look for Him. I prayed Saturday night on my way home from a dinner that God would reveal Himself to me more this week and provide me with more opportunities to serve Him and what do you know, it is happening.
I will start with the revealing. I have seen God working wonders in many of the lives of those around me this week. For starters I received an e-mail yesterday from my cousin who is pregnant. I know that many people are praying for her to have a healthy pregnancy and that she is happy and secure. I can safely say from her e-mail that those prayers seem as if they are being answered currently. Secondly, I have another cousin who is a photographer in Oklahoma. About two weeks ago she and her husband had a great deal of their expensive equipment stolen. To make a long story short, their faith and trust in God never waivered and it all of their equipment has been returned in tact. Watch my blog for a link to this story when they post it on their blog.
Now, on to the opportunities to serve. Where to begin? I guess I will just talk about two opportunities. I had dinner with a friend the other night who is a very strong Christian and who I know has no desire greater than to be a loving Christian. That being said, I could tell that this person was very troubled about a situation in their life. So much so that I felt a great deal of sadness after leaving this dinner. This may seem like nothing much but I knew in my heart that this person needed an encouraging word. A quick e-mail was all I wrote but I know if God was not the master of my life I would not have even thought or noticed the pain they were in. Even more importantly, I would not have thought to do anything about it. To gives kudos to my good friend Jason Jarrett, his sermon on bearing one another's burdens helped with this as well.
The second opportunity to serve came yesterday. I work with a group of people who for the most part fail to censor their language or think about the thought that the words you choose tell people a great deal about your heart (as well as your intelligence, but we won't get in to that). I often find myself retreating to my office and putting on a sermon or Christian music just to filter out some of the world. Yesterday I chose to listed to Dan Chambers sermon from the 2006 Challenge Youth Conference ( if you are interested in hearing some really powerful youth driven messages). His sermon was based on the life of Moses and his calling to do God's work in Exodus 3. He focused on the excuses that Moses served up to God when God called him. It was a great message and my friend Jay Boyett (I love you man) who is a fountain of scriptural knowledge, walked in at the end of the lesson and heard the end of it. We were talking about how Moses was chosen to do his job as a baby and discussing the absurdity of any of us thinking we are any different (God has chosen all of us to do great things, I know there's a great sermon in there somewhere) when another co-worker walked in. Jay asked this individual how their faith was coming and this person began to offer up the very same excuses that Moses did in this sermon I just listened. Coincidence, there is no such thing. This was God answering my prayer to serve Him. Without saying much I was able to relate to this person how they sounded like what I had just heard and direct them to the scripture to see what I was talking about.
I would say that God has answered my prayer and he has continued to do so by giving me a very good idea about our youth ministry at church that I plan to implement soon. I can see God in so many different ways and these past few days He has shown Himself in a huge manner. I hope that all who are reading this will also pray for God to not only reveal Himself but to also give you opportunities to serve Him.

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