Monday, March 17, 2008

Pilgrim's Map of the Day

I am discovering that the only easy thing about keeping up a blog is forgetting to post. I am back now and I aim to soon post the reaminder of my "Because He Loved Him" lesson. In the meantime, enjoy today's map to quality links on the internet.

* (NERD ALERT!!!) Here is a neat little photo essay on the evolution of home video gaming systems. It was a stroll down memory lane for me.

* This next post is primarily for my friend Amber and her daughter Maddy. I thought they would enjoy seeing the Disney imagery that made its way into the movie Enchanted. Click here to see the listing of "easter eggs."

* I just saw the trailer to this movie called The Strangers and if you like chilling scary movies, this one looks like it may be for you (I know I want to see it). Here is a link to the trailer.

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