Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Manhattan Declaration - Exactly Who Are You Aligning Yourself With

In this day and age of it being considered rude to distinguish oneself as a Christian, but rather a Christ-follower, there is little confusion over why so many are so quick to sign the Manhattan Declaration, a document that declares the position of American Christians on life, marriage, and religious liberty. If you have not read this document that is asking for you to sign it, you can read the document in it's fullness here. While I find the main idea behind this as a good idea, I do see several glaring problems. First, and most glaring, where is the gospel in this document? Second, why does this have to be interlaced with political jabs? Third, has anyone really taken a look at who and what you would be aligning yourself with should you sign this document? I don't think that I could say what needs to be said better than some of the people I enjoy reading. I personally am choosing not to sign it as I do not see any need to put my name on some declaration written by the hands of men when I know that my name has been written in the book of life already with the blood of the spotless lamb. I would not condemn anyone who does decide to sign it but I would caution that some look at the drafters of this document and those who agree the most with it. Signing this paper though will not make you a better Christian.

Please take time to read the following links to educate yourself more on this document:

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