Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pilgrim's Map of the Day

What is interesting to me today:

  • Although I don't know if I really agree with all of the ideas posted in this article, I must admit that reading this article about why white America chose Obama I was forced to think about some things that I don't think about too often.

  • I couldn't pass up posting this funny picture from the Boise State vs. Tulsa game last night:

  • First off, Ken Silva is the man. Please take the time to read his post over on Apprising Ministries in which through the life of Daniel he easily and simply shows us how to avoid falling victim to the counter Christian movement taking place in the church.
  • Doug Eaton uses the wonderful tool of irony to point out 10 SIGNS THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED THE POST MODERN ZONE (this is really good stuff).

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