Monday, August 17, 2009

How'd You Not See That One Coming?

I was fortunate enough to get to eat my lunch today with my wife. We went to a local restaurant and my wife discussed her plans to help our children in their spiritual lives. As we were sitting not far from the cash register, we of course had a view of everyone coming in and out of the restaurant. One such person was with a fairly large group of individuals and I noticed him from both his website and other more personal contact. To maintain some degree of dignity, the person will remain nameless but less just say he claims to be a minister and boasts of the "prophetic edge" that his ministry holds.

After they paid, the large party of people departed the restaurant and my wife and I continued our lunch. About three minutes passed until one of the members of the "prophets" party returned into the restaurant. Looking around, he sheepishly asked, "does anyone in here drive a white Saturn?" A young lady eating alone in the corner stood up and said "I do. Do I need to move from behind you." The man's response was "No, we backed into the front of it."

All I could do was look at my wife and say, "Prophet? You'd think he would have seen that coming and warned somebody." Guess he's just a part-time prophet.


Dude said...

A prophet hears and declares the word of the Lord. Not a Psychic. Good Job. HaHa

Dave Brumley said...

Your definition is half right. You left out the part that states their message concerns future events. Hence, the point of the post. Learn your Greek. Since you seem anxious to defend, could you please explain for all of us what a ministry with a "prophetic edge" is.