Saturday, June 13, 2009

Empty Nets

I was very honored when asked by Matt Thigpen, the minister at Sulligent Church of Christ in Sulligent, AL to speak in the adult/teen class at their Vacation Bible School today. It was a valiant effort by their church and many children, including Ethan & Luke, our two oldest sons, attended. Make sure you make time to visit Matt's blog sometime (

The theme of the VBS centered around Christ's promise to make His followers fishers of men, beginning with His initial meeting of Simon Peter, Andrew, James, & John, & culminating in His issuing of the great commission. It would seem obvious that Christ's intention all along was that all men and women come to know Him.

Conclusion: let's stop worrying about our own salvation, trusting in the promises Christ has made to us, and start asking God to send us opportunities to share the blessed assurance the gospel provides us. Let's try casting our nets on the other side.

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