Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"I'm Taking My Ball and Going Home :("

Have you ever seen someone do something so ridiculous that while they are doing it you are left speechless. I think the medical term for this is stupitongue displacia. This happened to me last night.
I have the privilege of coaching a group of 6-9 year old boys and girls in soccer and last night was our next to last game of the season. Our team only has one loss all year so yes, we are really good. I have nothing to do with that by the way. Our opponent last night was a group of kids from a nearby town called Winfield, AL. This team was pretty good but to say the least they were way over coached.
To make a long story short, there was a disagreement about one of the rules and as soon as I voiced my concern over what was going on, one of the coaches for the other team grabbed his ball, his child, and walked away from the field. He was not seen again the rest of the night so I am assuming he literally took his ball and went home. Now this guy was probably in his mid-40's but he literally took his ball and went home because he did not get his way.
I felt so bad for the kids on the opposite team as well as my own team. Here we are at an event meant to be for the children and the adults are imposing their will on the activity. Further, what was this man teaching these kids? He was telling his son and the kids on that team that when you don't get your way or you don't like what is going on in life, you just quit. I voiced this to the remaining coach of the opposite team after the game was over and he agreed that the man should watch his actions and maybe avoid children's sporting events all together.
Regardless, our team WHACKED the other team after this happened and the final was 8-1. Also, I was able to use the incident as a teaching tool for the our team and pointed out to them that no matter what problems or worries we are having we don't want to be quitters.
Let me also make one last comment here. I am so proud of the way the kids on our team conduct themselves. I think it would not be bragging to state that of all the teams we have played this year that our team is the best. Minus one game where our kids walked around (my fault because I warmed them up too hard) we have beaten the socks off of every team we have played this year. This fact has led to animosity by kids on the other teams despite the fact that our kids don't gloat, brag, or rub the huge victories in the opponents face. My team has been pushed, pulled, kicked, spit on, and called names (especially the minority child on my team, nice going parents). Through all this my team has not reciprocated but rather heeded my advice and let their game talk for them and used the other kid's disgusting behavior to fuel their desire play the game the right way and have fun doing it. These kids are an example for all of us and especially us as Christians. When we are shocked by the ways of the world let us not react in kind but rather use it to fuel the fire of our call to discipleship and have fun doing it.

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