Monday, September 22, 2008

A Direct Threat

Well Christians, it has finally happened. The terrorist organization Al-Queda has threatened us directly. No more can the media say that the terrorists hate America because of our "loose" morals, our occupation of other lands, or our economic blessings. Al-Queda has finally threatened us as Christians and our Christian founding dircetly.
In the latest video to be released by Al-Queda a threat of violence is made toward "the forces of the Cross and their apostate agents..." The forces of the Cross? Unless they are talking about the Red Cross or the U.S. Air Force they must be talking to me. I am part of Christ's kingdom of heaven and as I read those words I felt as if the deviant who spoke those words was speaking directly to me. I felt him saying to me, "you believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God, I'm going to kill you." If you are a Christian that is what he is saying. Al-Queda knows that this is a nation founded on Christian principles and they hate us for that reason alone. The question is, are you surprised? Are we not warned numerous times in the New Testament that this is what will happen? Are we not instructed on how to handle this? For a lack of time and a desire to move forward in this writing the short answer is that we are to pray for our enemies. Have you prayed for Al-Queda today?

As stated, it was no surprise to read a direct threat from a Godless people toward Christians but what was interesting was the other half of their threat. If you look back at who was addressed in the threat there is an inclusion of the "apostate agents" of the forces of the Cross. This threat addresses all of those throughout our nation who are trying to remove themselves and our nation from the protection of God. A good definition of an apostate is one who once believed or was part of a certain tenet and who may have participated and protected its beliefs but for some reason has chosen to withdraw themselves from that system. In other words it is someone who has lost their faith. We are now a country of apostates. Everyday people in our nation are trying to remove God from currency and public landmarks. Our scientists are striving to disprove that God created this world. Our fellow brothers are dismissed and shunned for having faith. The reason: apostasy. My question is if even the agents of evil in Al-Queda can recognize that this is a nation founded on Christ and His values, why can't these apostates?
Sadly, the psychology of apostasy is one that is based on intellectual unbalance and once one chooses to leave a faith they begin to do everything they can to intellectually justify their reasoning. They turn to man and their own reasoning to fill the void that their faith once filled. Are we not warned against this in the Bible? Are we not told of the flaws that stem from this action? Would God allow our nation to come under attack as it has if not for the apostasy that is taking place in our nation? Let's look at the Bible for answers.
Should we continue to live under Old Testament law we would have a duty to seek out these apostates and personally stop (by stop I mean stone) them. Deuteronomy 13 addresses this matter thoroughly and warns the children of Israel against what is happening in our nation today. God warns that when it seems the whole world is turning away from faith and toward something that seems more magical that it is actually a test of the faith of those of fear God. I think of the parable regarding the separation of wheat and tares when I read this. God tells us that when this is happening that we are to continue to walk after God, fear Him, and keep His commandments. He also warns that the apostate will be put to death. The reason for his death sentence being that the sole reason he is speaking is to turn one away from God. The apostasy taking place today has not purpose other than to turn you, the Christian reading this, away from God. Hold fast. God is sending the justice that only He understands upon the apostates of this nation.
Knowing that this problem would be one to contend without even to this date we as New Testament Christians are also given instruction on how to deal with this. As a matter of fact, this subject alone is given an entire book in the Bible. Jude 1 speaks of apostasy in a very clear and easily understood way. When Al-Queda threatens the apostates of the Cross let's look at who Jude 1 says they are talking about. From Jude the apostates are men who have crept in unnoticed and who have denied the one Lord God and the one Jesus Christ. These are men who have chosen to leave the abode of Jesus Christ and now chase after sexual immorality and have been set forth as an example of what happens when this is done (think AIDS). These apostates defile the flesh (sado-masochism), reject authority, and speak down regarding our dignitaries. These men grumble, complain, and chase their own lusts, speaking flattering words to people to gain advantage for themselves. These people cause division because unlike Christians, they are not filled with the Holy Spirit.
These apostates are taking over our nation. Our nation built at the foot of the Cross. Sometimes it takes someone to point out our faults when we cannot see them. This threat from Al-Queda should be a warning that the outside world no longer sees us as a United States but rather as a nation divided between those who are still at the foot of the Cross and the apostates who have left that protection. Be warned Christians that these apostates are bringing damnation upon this country and God will continue to allow this nation to be torn from the inside out until these trend stops.
What can we do? Again, let's look at Jude 1 for the answer. Jude 1: 20-22 tells us 20 But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, 21 keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. 22 And on some have compassion, making a distinction; 23 but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh. There is the answer, we maintain out relationship with God and bring as many back to the Cross as we can.
Christians, we have now been directly threatened by terrorists. This war our nation is now involved in is and always has been a Holy War. We are hated because of our faith in Jesus Christ. Prepare for men to say that the way to win this war is to renounce Jesus Christ's teaching. Fortunately this is a war that you and I can win without firing a shot. We must turn to God, show Him our faith through prayer for our nation, our families, and our enemies. You have not been threatened. You have now been persecuted. Turn to God and allow him to answer this threat.

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